Have you ever wondered how an animal could safe your life? And how it would change you forever? Well, killer whales saved mine from suicide and this blog is just a small way to demonstrate my love for these animals.
Anti-cap, brazilian, 16 and in love with the ocean and its wonders


'When Dr. Rally asked an “educational” guide why this orca’s fin was collapsed, the guide responded that “the bent fin is a genetic trait similar to people with curly vs. straight hair.”'

Does SeaWorld ever stop lying?



Hey guys! Remember the anti-captivity film “A Fall From Freedom”? Well the people who made that movie are back and are trying to make a new film, “By All Rights”, which is about the growing discussion about treating whales and dolphins and individual persons. But they need $30,000 in 55 days to finish the film! If you can, please donate. This looks like it’ll be a really important film.

Description of the move:

"BY ALL RIGHTS will be one of the most significant and controversial documentaries of our time because it presents evidence that whales and dolphins possess enough human-like traits to be considered "persons" and given specific and legal rights to live their lives in their aquatic environment free of human interference. This exciting new film builds on A Fall From Freedom, which we produced, and Blackfish, two powerful and enlightening documentaries that explore the controversial decision to keep whales and dolphins in captivity. BY ALL RIGHTS will take these issues to another level, putting forward the idea that these animals possess the kinds of qualities that allows us to see them as individual persons, as do a significant and growing number of people in several countries."


Video of Oscar on the slideout for 3 minutes.

Here’s another oneof him on there for another minute


Oh, and look. Here’s another one of him on it for yet another four minutes


This is not playing as pro caps like to claim it is. It’s stereotypical behaviour. 

He just lays there motionless. Minute after minute. I can’t believe this was his life.